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House rewiring services

Professional electricians recommend undergoing wiring inspection in due intervals to ensure electrical safety at your home. Even if you have a sound electrical system with all the appliance running smooth, there are chances of serious wiring problems. Any home that is more than a decade old must undergo wiring inspection. If you need professionals’ assistance, we, at AMPM Electricals are readily available to have a quick look at your property and advice you the best course of action considering the highest electrical safety aspects.

What are the signs for electrical house rewiring?

Although age is a significant factor, many times newer homes may also need house wiring services. Here are a few signs to watch out for:

Pest infestation

If you have a pest issue or had one in the past, there are chances that the pest would have damaged the wiring at your house. Rats and mice specifically are big trouble as they chew on the wires.


If the color of the wires at your home is black and it also has a rubber like coating on it, you need to get it replaced. The modern wires have a PVC coating on them and are safer in nature.

Inefficient controls

If you have flickering or dimming lights, the wires can be faulty and failing to offer the right electrical supply.

Burning smell

If you smell burning plastic or any other alien odour, it can be your wires. A house wiring inspection is a must.

The best house Rewiring experts

At AMPM Electrical, we are a leading electrical service provider in the region we specialize in several electrical services including house rewiring. It is very important to inspect the house thoroughly. The electricians that work with us check for each aspect of the property wiring system and ensure every fault is identified. The house rewiring project is crucial and we are dedicated to ensure complete safety and efficiency.

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